Write a b1ff filter cross

In GA's case, none of this is personally identifiable Google actively strips info which could be PII out of listingsand the way Scroll Tracking is implemented could only ever be used in aggregate. So that is something. It's good to have on the marketing webpage where no user content is displayed though.

Write a b1ff filter cross

There is a legend about a drive that walked over to the only door to the computer room and jammed it shut; the staff had to cut a hole in the wall in order to get at it! Walking could also be induced by certain patterns of drive access a fast seek across the whole width of the disk, followed by a slow seek in the other direction.

Some bands of old-time hackers figured out how to induce disk-accessing patterns that would do this to particular drive models and held disk-drive races. An indication of confusion, usually spoken with a quizzical tone: A request for further explication.

It was originally used in situations where, after you had carefully answered a question, the questioner stared at you blankly, clearly having understood nothing that was explained. You would then throw out a "Hello, wall? Later, confused questioners began voicing "Wall?

Used of humans, the term is pejorative and implies an uncreative, bureaucratic, by-the-book mentality. See also code grinder ; compare droid. The real running time of a program, as opposed to the number of tick s required to execute it on a timesharing system these always differ, as no one program gets all the ticks, and on multiprocessor systems with good thread support one may get more processor time than real time.

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A file containing a listing e. The idea was that the paper for such listings was essentially good only for wallpaper, as evidenced at Stanford, where it was used to cover windows. However, the Unix world doesn't have an equivalent term, so perhaps wallpaper will take hold there. The term probably originated on ITS, where the commands to begin and end transcript files were: Even if you don't intend ever to produce a real paper copy of the file, it is still called a wallpaper file.

Often used in combination with mumble. May describe negatively the act of hacking for hacking's sake "Quit wanking, let's go get supper!

Conversations can also get wanky when there are too many wanks involved. When the wankometer overloads, the conversation's subject must be changed, or all non-wanks will leave. In Britain and the Commonwealth this word is extremely rude and is best avoided unless one intends to give offense.

The connotations of this term differ sharply depending on the age and exposure of the subject.A privilege bit that allows the possessor to perform some restricted operation on a timesharing system, such as read or write any file on the system regardless of protections, change or look at any address in the running monitor, crash or reload the system, and kill or create jobs and user accounts.

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Amstrad CPC Z80 binary call from BASIC, 1 byte, hex encoded

Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. I had a delicate solar filter on my lens, and it was so delicate that I had an expensive UV filter over it to protect it.

I was early for the eclipse so I was walking around looking up at a building. I missed a step and my head hit the sidewalk. I had to get several stitches. It also busted my UV filter and solar filter (and I missed the eclipse).

Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processors Data Manual Additionally, each side features a “data cross path”—a single data bus connected to all the registers on the other side, by which the two sets of functional units can access data from To use the PLL to generate the CPU clock, the external PLL filter circuit must be properly.

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write a b1ff filter cross

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