The nature of phobia essay

Phobias Essay Phobias Essay A phobia, or phobic disorder, is an irrational or excessive fear of a particular object or situation. People with social phobia have intense fears of social interactions, such as meeting others, dating, or public speaking.

The nature of phobia essay

These mechanisms appeared in the course of evolution, and, therefore, they are sometimes too strong to overcome.

In such cases, people who suffer anxiety disorders need special treatment, which is currently represented by physical and psychological treatment. It certainly should be provided by qualified doctors or, at least, under their supervision.

If the above conditions are met, it is possible to overcome almost any phobia. Fears, Phobias and Their Treatment Needless to say that fear is a natural mechanism, which is normal in many situations. Sometimes, absence of fear may be an indication of some maladies.

Marks explains that without experiencing fear ancient people would be unable to survive in many situations p. Hence, people should not be ashamed of being afraid of something.

The nature of phobia essay

Being brave is not always useful and appropriate. But what is fear? What do people feel when they are afraid?

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Fear is an emotional experience that involves a number of complicated process. It is hard to understand what it is, unless you have experienced it. According to Marksfear is not a single emotion but sum of them.

Those emotions, either good or bad, appear simultaneously or consecutively. A person, whose fear is visibly expressed, has an inner feeling of some physiological changes in his organism. There are two absolutely different expressions of fear in the behavior of humans and animals.

The first one is freezing without any move or sound, i. The other reaction includes screaming and running away from the object that causes fear. These two behavioral schemes may suddenly change one another p. Certainly, the feeling of fear is unpleasant and hard to experience, but it often helps to survive.

Unlike fears, phobias can be dangerous, for they are much stronger than fears. It is stated by Craske et al. When those people face what they are afraid of, they experience great discomfort and may try to run away.

Such stressful situations are often followed by sweating, blushing, trembling etc. A phobia is a set of fears, which may be extremely harmful for an individual.

That means that phobias are not a means of defense, as they can interrupt a normal course of affairs and prevent people from doing simple things.Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia Essay; Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia Essay.

Words 12 Pages. Show More. A lot of individuals who have social phobia are labeled as shy rather than having a disorder. This is mostly because a lot of people don’t know or don’t understand what social phobia is.

Social Anxiety. Nature: A tendacy to learn phobias could be genetic. Parents with phobias may have children with phobias because, they pass on their genes to their children. Nurture: According to social learning, if a parent has phobia . Phobias Essay A phobia, or phobic disorder, is an irrational or excessive fear of a particular object or situation.

The DSM-IV lists three varieties of phobic disorder: social phobia, specific phobias, and agoraphobia, all of which are classified as anxiety disorders. Glossophobia is the most common phobia, even more so common than Necrophobia, the fear of dying.

But what exactly is a phobia, anyway? Well, to have a “phobia” of something is to have an extreme and irrational fear of something to a point where it is disabling and is considered a mental disorder. Anxiety Disorders: Nature or Nurture?

Anxiety is a part of human nature. It's a survival mechanism that has evolved over millions of years in order to protect us and the problems it can bring, in themselves, reflect what it means to be human. Throughout the essay there will be three different treatments with three different phobias in ways to cure a phobia; the first is a trauma-focused treatment approach for travel phobia, assessment and treatment for childhood phobias, and hypnosis in faci.

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