The importance of giving homework to improve the learning and understanding of students

The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities. Parental involvement in homework is what can help a child to understand specific concepts better. Thanks to work in a team, a child develops critical skills faster.

The importance of giving homework to improve the learning and understanding of students

How can parents eliminate the nightly tug-of-war over homework? In general, students are not excited about the homework they get assigned because they are bombarded with other options that seem far more exciting.

Their world includes instant communication, multi-tasking, cell phones, exciting video games, texting, and social networking. Some students think homework is a waste of time.

The Proper Amount of Homework

Others understand the intrinsic value of homework and take responsibility for doing it correctly and handling it in on time. However, the majority of students are somewhere in between there extremes.

The students that do their homework without a nightly battle view their education differently. They understand that for a couple of hours, schoolwork is the priority, and then they can move on to something more exciting.

They understand that homework teaches them where their strengths are and where they need to spend more attention. For most students, the problem may not be the homework, but in how they look at it.

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To compete with the distractions, parents must get more buy-in on the importance of homework. Homework teaches students about time management. Homework teaches students how to set priorities.

Homework helps teachers determine how well the lessons and material are being understood by their students. Homework teaches students how to problem solve.

Homework gives students another opportunity to review the class material. Homework gives parents a chance to see what their child is learning in school.

Homework teaches students how to take responsibility for their part in the educational process.

The importance of giving homework to improve the learning and understanding of students

Homework teaches students how to work independently. Homework teaches students the importance of planning, staying organized and taking action. School and homework show students the important life lessons, such as how to read and communicate with others, that they will use as an adult.

Homework also teaches students how to problem solve, think independently, and build an understanding and interest for the issues in our society.

We have to show our children and students that homework is not boring and is not a waste of time.

Does Homework Improve Learning? - Alfie Kohn

We have to show them that there are numerous benefits of not only doing homework, but handing it in on time! If we allow students to only participate in video games of social media after all their homework is done, then homework becomes a win-win situation for parents and their students.Sep 14,  · In the Sunday Review article “The Trouble With Homework,” Annie Murphy Paul reviews the research on homework: The quantity of students’ homework is a lot less important than its quality.

And evidence suggests that as of now, homework isn’t making the grade. Thus, "homework can be employed to increase the effectiveness of direct instruction sequences with students diagnosed as [learning disabled]" ().

Researchers have also focused their attention on the effects of homework among various ethnic or . For students in Grades 6 and 7, up to an hour of meaningful homework per night can be beneficial. More than that can be ­detrimental.

Grades 8 to Things change in high school. Most studies involving high school students suggest that students who do homework achieve at a higher rate. Homework helps your child learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials, and computer Web sites to find information It encourages your child to .

Do Students Really Need Practice Homework? Giving students homework that involves drill and practice is often said to “reinforce” the skills they’ve been taught in class. Giving practice problems to students who lack understanding .

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Does Homework Improve Learning? - Alfie Kohn