Should the internet be restricted or

Platforms, Speech And Truth: I'm about to talk about an issue that has a lot of nuance in it and no clear "good" answers -- and it's also one that many people have already made up their minds on one way or the other, and both sides will probably not really like at least part of what I have to say.

Should the internet be restricted or

Al-Anon Family Groups on the Internet As the Internet itself rapidly grew in the past 20 years, members of Al-Anon Family Groups were included in the millions of people who went "online.

For many of us in the online community, Al-Anon on the Internet has been a wonderful supplement to our personal journey of recovery -- another tool we have added to help us work the program.

But for many others, who were formerly "lone members" or limited by physical disability from attending regular "face-to-face" meetings, Online Al-Anon has been nothing short of a gift from a power greater than ourselves. While Online Al-Anon should not substitute for person-to-person Al-Anon Family Group membership, due to its limitations in providing true personal contact with others in recovery, Al-Anon on the Internet has many advantages.

It is unfettered by time and space in its efforts to welcome and give comfort to the families of alcoholics. Al-Anon members have gathered themselves together in many different methods of online fellowship.

Following are some examples of how we have joined together online in order to solve our common problems. Probably the easiest way to participate in Online Al-Anon.

Should the internet be restricted or

Anyone who can send and receive email can join these groups. Chat rooms allow you to participate in live "real time" meetings with other members.

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Some require the downloading of special software, but others do not. Internet telephony meetings allow members to meet via free conference calls over the Internet and hear the voices of other members during "real time" meetings.

These meetings require special software and equipment.When performing some maintenance tasks, particularly in recovery situations, it is essential to limit access to databases by general users. In these situations, restricted access mode can be employed to limit connections to high-level users only.

Should Sexual Content be Restricted on the Internet? The debate over the topic of online sexual content has been active since it first appeared online.

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When you think of sexual content on the internet, your mind automatically goes to pornography and how many kids are watching it now-a-days. Should Internet Speech Be Restricted For several weeks, the Islamic world has expressed outrage over an American-made film which denigrates the prophet Muhammad.

Al-Anon Family Groups on the Internet. As the Internet itself rapidly grew in the past 20 years, members of Al-Anon Family Groups were included in the millions of people who went "online.". The Internet should have an open and distributed architecture, and should continue to be based on open standards and application interfaces and guarantee interoperability so as to enable a common exchange of information and knowledge.

No, the internet should not be age-restricted, because children are not too young to learn what is in the world around them. These days, there are sufficient controls .

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