Organizations as political systems metaphor

Metaphor is for most people a device of the poetic imagination and of rhetorical flourish--a matter of extraordinary rather than ordinary language. Moreover, metaphor is typically viewed as characteristic of language alone, a matter of words rather than thought or action. For this reason, most people think they can get along perfectly well without metaphor.

Organizations as political systems metaphor

However, it has created exactly that situation.

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Questions in relation to the political theories lens all point back to the corrupt system of politics that each organization has built for itself; back to the leader. Source Who has access to agendas, control over information, knowledge of procedures, ability to cope with uncertainty, etc.?

Those in ruling positions in organizations always stress specific goals in mind for success, have a motto for motivating employees towards those goals, and a mess of rules and regulations to get the organizations there that they expect employees to blindly obey without question.

These leaders are skilled in political ways, which makes it easy for them to use their organizations and their subordinates in such a way to accomplish their own agendas, political or otherwise.

Therefore, it is crucial to see an organization from a variety of lens and to really try to identify the truth before coming to snap judgments.

Organizations as political systems metaphor

This is just one more lens to view organization through in order to help cultivate a thorough understanding of organizational systems. Politics in organizational life is a reality, but it ultimately comes down to the one in charge to determine its positive or negative use in developing the atmosphere and the organization as a whole.This metaphor view organizations as systems that exploit their employees, the natural environment, and the global economy for their own selfish end and personal gains.

Interests, Conflict, and Power: Organizations as Political Systems. Transcript of Interests, Conflict, and Power: Organizations as Political Systems.

Organizations as political systems metaphor

Interests, Conflicts, and Power: Organizations as Political Systems Jacqueline Persinski Is the political metaphor suitable, or is it dangerous to generalize it in this manner? Full. To help us better understand the nature of political behavior organizations.

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The management of public programs is an integral part of the policy process. Disciplines in Policy Studies We give this label to the highly interdisciplinary study of the public policy process. Organizations As Political Systems Metaphor “Organizations as political systems” Every organization consists of different people.

All the previous metaphors viewed the organizations as integrated enterprises whose members have common interests. The organizational metaphor is a well-known way in which organizational experiences are characterized.

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We have come to understand organizations as machines, organisms, brains, cultures, political systems, psychic prisons, instruments of domination, etc.

(Llewelyn ). However, examining organizations from a political frame often leads to an increased politicization of the organization, since when organizations are understood as political systems, human beings are more likely to behave politically based on what is perceived.

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