Montana 1948 novel essay

Also unlike most book reviewers, I can choose to write about only the books I do enjoy. Over two hundred years ago, the great scholar and wit Dr. Or if he did, he was a blockhead! In addition, I notice with surprise and delight that every single one is by a living author, all but one published within the last decade.

Montana 1948 novel essay

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Discuss Montanaby Larry Watson is novel set in American mid-west that raises a question who was to blame for the tragic events that occurred that summer. By clearly stating that Montana was not to blame, Sheriff Hayden means that it was the whites in Montana as well as his family and himself who were held responsible from the events that arose within the summer of The whole white population within Mercer County were partly responsible for the terrible events of Montana This had already proved the racial treatment within Montana.

Furthermore Ollie Young Bear was an Indian but he was accepted from the whites because he lived as white. He was successful through every aspects of life and married a white woman. The white societies within Montana were all well aware of the crimes committed by Frank against the Indians.

It appeared that Daisy was justifying against Franks actions, because in her eyes Indian women were worthless and deserved the way they were being treated. Julian Hayden is the head of the family and holds great power within his family and the community.

Therefore Wes has a boundless deal of obedience and loyalty towards him. Julian chose to side with Frank, as he thought very little of the Indians as he considered them to have lower status compared to the whites. He abused his power as a doctor which led him to murder Marie Little Soldier and eventually commit suicide.

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Frank was smart, because he knew no one would comfort him for his action because of the reputation of his family name and by the fact he had power. Thus, Julian and Frank hold a countless obligation to the events that occurred within the summer of Finally, the keepers of the law, Sheriff Wesley Hayden and his deputy Len McAuley must hold responsibility for what events went wrong during the summer on As sheriff, Wes had a duty to ensure the law was being upheld equally for both races.

As a result of Wes arresting Frank, it causes further complications within the family. Julian responded by trying to free Frank by using violence and then Frank taking his life. Wesley finally realized that postponing justice from an earlier stage of the events had himself in some contribution to the tragic deaths of Marie and Frank.

It was Wes himself, who failed to uphold the law, had failed Marie and all the Indian women; therefore he must be blamed for the tragedy, not Montana itself. However, Len failed to uphold his role as Deputy Sheriff, which acted upon his role in the tragedy.

Together, both these representatives of the law hold a responsibility to the events which occurred within Montana Montana clearly states that the events that occurred within the summer could not be blamed on the state itself.

The Hayden was part of a culture that distinguished against the Indian people and overlooked crimes against these people. Due to the racism treatment the Indians coped from the white people it led Frank to get away with his corruptions.

It seemed that the power, wealth and influence the Hayden had within the community was much more important than the rights of the Indians to receive justice and respect.

Julian and Frank also take part of the blame due to them taking benefit of the power they had. In delaying justice for so long in order to protect his family, Wesley found himself denying justice towards the Indians and having obligation in the deaths of Marie and Frank.

He indicates that the white citizens that lived in Montana at the time, his family and he himself were the ones who were to blame for the tragic events that occurred within Montana Any African-American, Hispanic American, or Native American U.S.

“Montana ” by Larry Watson | Essay Example

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Learn everything . The Corrections is a novel by American author Jonathan Franzen. It revolves around the troubles of an elderly Midwestern couple and their three adult children, tracing their lives from the mid.

Montana 1948 novel essay

If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade. Raabe, Heinrich August, ¶. Die Postgeheimnisse oder die hauptsächlichsten Regeln welche man beim Reisen und bei Versendungen mit der Post beobachten muß um Verdruß und Verlust zu vermeiden (German) (as Author); Raabe, Wilhelm, ¶.

“Montana ” by Larry Watson Essay Sample. The novel “Montana ” written by Larry Watson held a series of tragic events, which were to have a permanent and decisive impact on David and his parents.

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