Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay

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Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay

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Get Access Speech on Meth Essay Sample Methamphetamine is a dangerous and addictive drug that is devastating to families, the individual and the community as a whole and should be avoided by all costs.

To convince the audience that methamphetamines is a serious threat to our families, communities and the users themselves. Joe was your typical teenager.

He lived in the suburbs of Seattle, played sports and was popular with all of his peers. Joes family was active in the community and supported Joe in whatever he choose to do. He was a gifted athlete and was in line to go to college on scholarships for wrestling and possibly baseball as well.

Everything looked good for Joe until the day he decided to use methamphetamines. In the next several minutes I will be explaining why meth is so terrible and why you should all do whatever you can to help others avoid this drug.

Having gone over the main points of this speech lets now begin the discussion by going over the chemical makeup of methamphetamines. Methamphetamines otherwise known as meth, crank, or crystal is a drug with many chemicals that make up its composition.

Methamphetamines is made up of over 32 different chemicals. These chemicals are derived from some pretty common sources. Gasoline, Rubbing alcohol, Starting fluid, Paint thinner, Camp stove fuel, White gasoline, Epsom salt, Match headsBreak cleaner, Red devil lye, Drain cleaner, Battery acid, Lithium from batteries and iodine crystals.

The majority of these chemicals carry warning labels that warn against ingestion with a possible consequence of death yet combined they make a drug that creates craving and a euphoric feeling. Now that we have looked at the chemicals that makeup methamphetamines lets look at how methamphetamine is produced.

Methamphetamines labs or death labs essay

The production of methamphetamines is a major problem. The ease in the manufacturing of methamphetamine is a major contributing factor to the increase in its use. Law enforcement officials identify and close hundreds of clandestine labs a year.

Mexico and California are some of the largest producers of methamphetamines. Outside of these areas, small rural labs are more common.

Rural areas are popular sites for production because strong odors are produced from its manufacturing can be hidden so well. Mobile labs have begun to appear in a number of states making seizures more complicated.

The manufacture of methamphetamines is simple because it does not require agriculture, specialized equipment, or advanced technical training. It is easily cooked up by anyone in a makeshift lab, hotel room, Mobil home or warehouse.

Most of the equipment that is necessary can be bought over the counter or stolen from high school and college labs. Methamphetamine hydrochloride is easily produced using ephedrine, hydroiodic acid or over the counter pseudo ephedrine found in cold medication. Hydroidic acid is necessary in one of the major manufacturing processes.

Although strictly controlled it can be easily created using red phosphorous and iodine crystals, chemicals that are not regulated. The key ingredient to meth is ephedrine, a controlled substance. Because its difficult to obtain cooks use pseudo ephedrine, found in many over the counter medicines.Methamphetamines are also commonly known as speed, meth, or chalk.

(Gallon, , p) Police and Firefighters must take special safety courses to handle meth situations because of the likelihood of explosions, invisible poison gases and other dangers.

3/5(5). Crystal Death: North America's Most Dangerous Drug [Nate Hendley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A hard-hitting look at the most dangerous illegal drug in North America. A fact-based account featuring up to the minute interviews and life stories from users.

A major reason why methamphetamine is such a difficult drug to enforce, is the fact that so many labs exist and that these labs can have an area of operation set up; and make a batch in a short amount of time and gather their materials from common home-improvement type stores (Methamphetamine FAQ).

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rather than the real bad guys like street meth, crack/cocaine and heroin. For something like weed which is used wide spread, punishing pot users and chasing after them is more of a waste of time for the police than it is for them to bust an underground meth lab- the drug itself is capable of offering harsher physical effects to the body than pot.

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