Jsfiddle document write alternative bands

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Jsfiddle document write alternative bands

What exactly is Elon committing to here? Is Tesla planning on releasing any design documentation, or technical specifications or manufacturing process information?

It's great that they won't enforce patents in an effort to not stifle innovation, but do they plan on taking any actions that will encourage innovation? I'm not a lawyer, but would this post actually count as a "license"? I've read about many of the popular cases where large corporations use patents as a legal tactic to stall competitors, and I understand how it hurts innovation.

On the other hand, can't patents protect smaller companies? Open sourcing projects and technology has its case-by-case pros and cons.

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I agree the increase in open source adoption has had a largely positive impact on the development community. But there seems to be a lot of stigma against 'proprietary' as a whole. How is your company supposed to grow if you can't protect your technology from being easily replicated by competitors?

Is he indicating that patenting something would make a company more likely to get sued? My basic understanding is the opposite, that patents yield protection from lawsuits rather than create exposure to them. I wonder if they will do a similar thing with their proprietary supercharger plug.

They'd need a way to charge non-Tesla drivers for the energy though. His insight that Teslas real competition isn't the Fords, Chryslers, etc. What does that even mean? How do you make cars in bad faith? It will be good to spurt innovation since smaller players in the area don't need to worry about infringing.

What about the defensive measure? To defend against being sued. It would be good if Tesla pools the patents with others to form an "open patent" club where all the interested parties can join and use the patent to defend against infringement lawsuits.

Is there anything they can do that's binding outside of a declarative 'we won't sue you unless This is necessary to close a deal on the huge battery plant. Not sure why I didn't think of this immediately given the timing. The partner s want to sell all the capacity even if Tesla can't buy it all, and they want everyone to know there won't be any issue buying Tesla batteries.

At this point Tesla knows that market needs to be created and it is impossible to achieve unless auto industry works in tandem. Once the market expands, the pie is bigger for everybody. I would go all in on this.

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A niche product in the current condition and usable driverless electric cars. You aren't really competing with Tesla, because you have a total different audience. Elon's realizing he has hit the technical and economic limits of all battery vehicles and can't deliver. Kudos to Tesla for being once again disruptive and innovative in the risk-averse and ailing automotive industry.

Assuming they did so, would they not be more cost-competitive due to economies of scale?

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Their mission of promoting sustainable transporation might be at odds with their fiduciary duty to their shareholders then. If Tesla really wanted to see the big auto makers build more capable electric cars, AND if they also want to be a profitable enterprise, THEN, the best course of action would be to OEM the powertrain parts that they have already invested in inventing and building.

He reframes himself as a champion of humanity, above ego competition, to make you feel good and I do! He simultaneously criticises the competition, in those terms. And I also agree he was right to fear the better-resourced incumbents to duplicate his tech for free, unfounded though it was.

He doesn't mention this, but at this point, he is also well ahead of his real competition fellow disruptors in market terms, and so it won't harm him to release these patents. There is something different about this guy so he might just mean exactly what we would like him to mean.

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JSFiddle is a web application that allows you to write and test your code online, right in your browser. You can test all sorts of code, including a combination of HTML, CSS, and Java.

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jsfiddle document write alternative bands

I gotta say that stopping Groklaw, which is a public site anyway, because someone else might be reading it, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, despite the emotional ploys in this article. She can write and save drafts locally in a (GASP) local word processor and encrypt anything she chooses to .

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