How to write a hard news story

For all intents and purposes, this is true. The government does not own any major news outlets, and the Constitution specifically protects journalists from being unfairly silenced. However, with the rise of the Internet, cable news, and the hour news cycle, the press could have more to worry about than an oppressive government.

How to write a hard news story

Higher Education Comment Card Exercise 4: Here are 15 ideas for feature stories that you can write on your campus. Develop a central point for each story and a list of sources.

Then interview students affected by the issues as well as authoritative sources. Interview at least five faulty members who have written textbooks. Describe their experiences in writing the books as well as their work, problems and attitudes. Write about your favorite teacher, a successful coach or another interesting personality on your campus.

Interview other students, friends, relatives and colleagues so you have enough information for a well-rounded portrait of the person.

Journalism at BCCC

Find a campus club whose mission is to help people, such as Habitat for Humanity or Alcoholics anonymous. Interview club members about their reasons for being involved with the club and how it affects their lives.

What are the best part-time jobs for students on your campus? What might be the most unusual or dirtiest job? Who earns the most money and enjoys the best hours and benefits?

What are the best excuses faculty members hear most often from students who miss classes, assignments and tests? How do the students handle the problems?

To obtain more practical and professional experience, many students complete internships, and some students are required to do so by their major.

Typically, many interns are not paid because they are getting experience they could not get elsewhere, but some times, this "free" labor can be abused by employers.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of internships and any abuses the students may have experienced during their internship.

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What problems do international or non-traditional students or handicapped students face on your campus? Write a historical feature that describes your college or university's founding and early years.

If some buildings on your campus are named after individuals, write about several of those individuals, explaining who they were and why they were honored. Easy is it for the students on your campus to obtain credit cards, how many overspend and where do they find help?

Talk to employers who come to your campus to interview and hire graduating seniors. What do they look for in a potential employee? What common mistakes should job seekers avoid? What advice would they give students interviewing for jobs? Interview and write a story about the oldest student on campus.

Find and write a story about a campus club that involves an element of danger, such as scuba diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, hang gliding or spelunking. Write a story regarding how many students flunk out of your college or university each year.In writing a news-feature story with this kind of structure, include the one-feature in the lead.

Add in the body details which clarify and explain the lead. See that the story breaks logically at every paragraph and that the story may be cut of lengthened as space dictates. Article Description: The most common structure for news stories, specifically hard news, is the “inverted pyramid” style.

Here the style is explained, examples are provided, and specific parts of the “inverted pyramid” style are further discussed, including straight news leads and transitions. Hard News, Soft News, and Critical Journalism Hard news is “the coverage of breaking events involving top leaders, major issues, or significant disruptions in the routines of daily life, such as an earthquake or airline disaster” (Patterson, 3).

One recent media analysis entitled “Between A Rock and a Hard Place: An Analysis of Low-Wage Workers in the Media” reporters to write stories that suggest solutions to the problems of low-wage news, or feature. Writing a Media Analysis 4. Opinion pieces can be letters to the editor, op-eds, columns, or editorials.

how to write a hard news story

The traditional hard news lede includes the “Five W’s” — who, what, when, where, why — and sometimes “how.” It gives the basics of the story even if the . Aug 25,  · Writers of news stories generally utilize a special style and format in crafting their opening lines.

This is known as the lead (or lede). Even as the preeminence of newspapers declines in the face of competition from newer technologies, the methods for writing an effective lead are still widely taught and used%(77).

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