Essay on biosphere reserves

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Essay on biosphere reserves

A biosphere reserve is a protected area in which multiple use of land is permitted by dividing it into zones, each for a particular activity.

The number of biosphere reserves established in 94 countries till May was In India, 18 biosphere reserves have been set up by now Fig. A biosphere reserve is divided into three zones: Core, buffer and manipulation.

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In core or natural zone human activity is not allowed. This area is legally protected and undisturbed ecosystem. The immediate surrounding area of core zone is buffer zone.

Here limited human activities live like research, education and research strategy is permitted. Manipulation or transition zone is the outermost or peripheral area of biosphere reserve. With the cooperation of reserve management and local people several human activities like settlements, cropping, recreation, and forestry are carried out without disturbing the environment.

Buffer zone has different parts like forestry, agriculture, tourism and restoration regions. Through the restoration activities selected degraded area called restoration region is restored to natural form.

Importance of Biosphere Reserve: Biosphere reserves conserve genetic resources, species, ecosystems and landscapes without uprooting inhabitants. Rather the traditional life style and traditional resources of the local people are maintained.

Biosphere Reserves, their Function and their Benefits

Sustainable economic, cultural, social and ecological developments are ensured. Biosphere reserve helps to rebuild any damage caused to ecosystems and habitats.

Essay on biosphere reserves

Biosphere reserve provides a lot of scientific information for specific scientific studies and research. Exchange of information on restoration, conservation and development of biosphere can be made at national and international levels.

This international biological programme was later introduced in India in MAB aims at studying the environment of human being, human interference and pollution on the biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems and conservation for the present as well as future. The main objects of MAB programme are to:Pulkit Garg says I have been a resident of Delhi throughout as I have done my schooling as well as graduation from here.

Biosphere Reserves In India Important Biosphere Reserves for UPSC Exam

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Essay on biosphere reserves

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´╗┐List of Biosphere Reserves[edit] In , India designated Cold Desert of Himachal Pradesh as a biosphere reserve.

What is a Biosphere Reserve?

On September 20, , the Ministry of Environment and Forests designated Seshachalam Hills as the 17th biosphere reserve. The Biosphere II was made to be a mini- world, which was meant to mimic Biosphere I, The Earth. The Biosphere II has 7 different biomes including, and ocean, a .

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