Bar barakah ceremony

We are part of a family and a fellowship that cherishes our rich Hebrew tradition for the objectivity by which it gives meaning often, as in this case, in tangible ways to our faith. When our son turned 13 last July, we hosted his special ceremony at our home. Our celebration was unique for several reasons:

Bar barakah ceremony

Bar barakah ceremony

ParentingRite of PassageBar barakah ceremonyTeens adulthoodbar barakahbat barakahcelebratecelebration launchyourteen This past Friday evening we launched our second teen! There are many ways to Launch Your Teen, but the most important thing is to launch.

I believe it is important for our teenagers to know not guess exactly when we consider them to be an adult and, more importantly, that we begin treating them like one. HERE is that scene. Simply put, it is a ceremony of blessing and Rite of Passage to adulthood.

Here is how we handle our celebration. Based on some internet research, I detail what it is that the society feels makes a man or woman. I then contrast that with what the Bible says about manhood and womanhood.

Define being an adult — I spend some time sharing what it looks like to be an adult living in my home. More on this below. Major accomplishments — I take this opportunity to brag on my teen. I list all of their academic, athletic and other accomplishments. This is also a great time to publicly express how proud we are of our teen.

But, I believe it is an important part of the ceremony. I ask my teen ahead of time to share some reflections on their journey through the ROP Parenting Plan and to publicly thank their mentors. Both Cody and Natalie did an excellent job! For Natalie, my wife put together a shadow box with a stethoscope since she aspires to be a nurse and several passages of scripture.

Presentation of a practical gift — The intent here is to launch them into adulthood with something practical and necessary. For Cody, we purchased a set of tools and for Natalie, an authentic stethoscope to be used during her time in the nursing program at college.

Proclamation — this is the big moment! So, what does it look like to be promoted to an adult in our home? Before I go into this description, let me remind you that the journey to adulthood is a process and achieved over time.

We continually grant each of our teens more freedoms, privileges and responsibilities as they age so that when we are ready to celebrate their adulthood, not much actually changes.

Well, there are a few things: Meals with the family are optional — they would need to let us know if advance if they plan to eat with us. If not, they would be on their own. Unless otherwise offered, any eating out would be on their own dime.The Bar/Bat Barakah seals the identy of "Son/Daughter of The Blessing" in the person's mind.

This Blessing is not a Jewish thing, but a G I enjoyed reading the process and reasons behind having a ceremony that marks a child's transition to a man or woman/5. The International Man's Glossary A-Z: colloquialisms, concepts, explanations, expressions, idioms, quotations, sayings and words.

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Bar barakah ceremony

Bar Barakah Ceremony We celebrate a Bar Barakah-- a Christian form of the Bar Mitzvah-- when our children have reached the age at which they can hear from God on their own, and receive a more adult-level of responsibility of accountability to God, family, and community.

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