Axis and allies essays

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Axis and allies essays

It meant that he could end his days with his transgressions wiped away and with his reputation not merely intact but actually enhanced. The Samurai Way of Death, Samurai: The World of the Warrior, Dr. Whether Japan is able to fight on despite the disaster or whether it is time to choose the Samurai Way of Death depends on the extent of the disaster and where it happens.

In my experience, J1 disasters can be divided into three categories: Unfortunate Inconveniences — These are the battles that would have been nice to win. While losing these battles forces Japan to revise its J2 strategy, Japan still has a good chance of recovering to win the game.

Game Threateners — These are the battles that, when lost, mean Japan will be playing from behind for the entire game. Not only good Japanese play is necessary to overcome these disasters, but also a good portion of luck. Seppuku Time — Losing these battles means that there is really no alternative but to take the honorable way out, send your apologies to the Emperor and ask your loyal comrade to cut off your head at the moment of greatest agony.

Hopefully, this will be followed quickly with setting up the board again for another game! With that in mind, here are the J1 battles that, if lost, create an unfortunate inconvenience for Japan: The failure to capture Suiyuan, Anhwe, Kiangsi, Kwangsi or Yunnan inconveniences Japan as it may be necessary, on J2, to divert ground units and a fighter or two to kill wayward Chinese units.

However, unless the losses are especially egregious, Japan should be able to recover.

Axis and allies essays

Missing one or both of the Allied subs in sz38 and sz27 can also inconvenience Japan but does not significantly inhibit Japanese chances for success in the long run. Missing the sz38 sub means that unguarded transports in sz45 or sz36 may be at risk or, more likely that the sub will substall into sz27 and prevent Japan from executing a J3 India Crush see Essay 1.

If both the sz38 and sz27 subs survive, it becomes more difficult but again, not a result that leads inevitably to Japanese defeat.

Failing to take Hongkong ranks up there as one of the most annoying outcomes on J1, but not something that will turn the tide of the game irreversibly against Japan.

It has happened to me twice as of this writing and I managed to win both games. Nonetheless, a defeat here can happen. All that Japan must do to recover from this is adjust its J2 attacks to take Hongkong.

Even worse, there is about a 1 in 13 chance that the attack will result in the loss of the bomber with the transport surviving. For those players who like to attack Borneo on J1, failing to take it is an annoyance. Usually the only adverse impact is the additional casualties that Japan has suffered in failing to take Borneo on J1.

Indeed, it may take more than good play to do so. You may need a fair bit of luck.

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As sz28 is one of the key sea zones early in the game see Essay 8failure to establish a presence there on J2 buts Japan behind for the entire game.Nov 18,  · So, I haven’t played Axis and Allies that much, but want to express my opinion anyway; it is fundamentally a highly strategic game, and obviously requires a large amount of dedication to complete, but I can’t help but garner from my first couple of plays that it is.

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From the late and till spring , the Axis forces were slowly stepping back, and they finally surrendered by the beginning of May when the Allies occupied Germany.

Japan surrendered later, after it had suffered from the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. marked the end of the WWII and one of its two main opposing forces, the Axis. Excerpt from Essay: Vision and Mission of Allies and the Axis Armies The Allies power were the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union.

However, the Axis were German, Japan and Italy. The Anti-Crush. In April of , a task force centred around six Japanese carriers and commanded by Admiral Cuichi Nagumo sailed into the India Ocean with the intention of destroying British Naval forces and supporting the invasion of Burma.

WWII – Allies, Axis Powers Essay Sample In World War II, the Axis countries wanted to expand their territories, which brought them into conflict with the Allies.

Axis and allies essays

The Axis countries were Germany, Italy and Japan, and the Allies were the United States, Great Britain, China, and the Soviet Union.

WWII - Allies, Axis Powers | Essay Example