Auto spare parts business plan in pakistan halal food

We always welcome our customers for business opportunities. Customers are also provided the facilities Invitation to Japan besides accommodation while on trip in Japan. Any type vehicle, truck, construction machines, used spare parts and electronics All our providers have been operating in Japan decades which means high quality, at same time, given big amount purchased cars more than 70, per yearvery competitive prices.

Auto spare parts business plan in pakistan halal food

The concept is to provide the right product and information, at the right time, in the right amount, in the right manner, while maintaining high standards of efficiency and cost control.

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We have to practice this contradictory idea in our daily activities. It contributes towards the nations economy in the form of Technology Transfer, Employment, Investment and much more. Automobile sector contributed over Rs.

As the industry's growing, so are the Automobile companies. Every manufacturer is in the process of increasing production capacity to meet customer demands.

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For statistic of the Automobile sector please visit Pakistan Automobile Manufactures Association's website: Policy Statement I MC is committed to fair disclosure of the Company information without advantage to any particular investor or analyst and seeks to provide current and potential shareholders with appropriate information necessary to make reasoned and informed decisions about investment in IMC equity.

Research Design and Methodology The research design and methodology would be simple as defined in the phase 1 of the project. We would be studying the financial statements of the company to identify major cost centers and their impact on the production levels as well as the final affect on the operational profitability.

The data collection methods would be the same as well, however would be defined in details later on. The overall design of the research would be subjective with use of quantitative evidence i. Financial statement references, internal information where possible and industry data retrieved from various market sources Population of Research Project There would not be any specific population selection in this research; however, there might be a possibility of asking questions to relevant personnel that would have a direct impact on the conclusion of the research.

Our population for the project would be all the cost centers working under the head of expenses in the accounting tree of the company; however we will select the major impact occurring units for the ease of study as there is a clear limit of time for the research.

Sampling Procedure There is no sampling procedure in this research, as the reason is explicitly written in population of research. Although the theme of sampling could be alike cluster sampling where cost centers are referred to as various clusters.

auto spare parts business plan in pakistan halal food

Our main focus is to find the impact making factors on financial decision making. For this our sampling procedure is for data collection only and to further analyze the possibility of cost effective majors that can impact the bottom line of the company.

The Sample Sample would be the financial statements for Indus Motor Company Limited for the last three years that is from to The sample would then be further classified via fixed and variable costs, and further classified in to revenue generation and productivity centers.

The sample might include research from industry sources as well. Instrumentation As stated earlier, information would be derived from the data of financial statements of three years, industry data and descriptions from the reports.

Various calculation methods as described in techniques for decision making stated in phase 1 would be applied and conclusions from them will answer our research objectives. The profit and loss statement would play the most vital role in conclusion along side would be the inventory information from the balance sheet that is also very crucial for justification of conclusion.

Data Collection Data would be collected from financial statements of the yearand ; also industry specific data would also be collected through various sources Specific information includes Sales for Indus Motor Company Limited and various major revenue centers like Product Divisions and Spare Parts.

Operational cost having major cost centers like material, salaries, power etc. Changes in assets and liabilities are also counted for the impact on financial decision making. Competition data is also retrieved on limited disclosure basis for necessary perusal.

Ethical Consideration Due to the fact that management is not comfortable in sharing internal financial accounts of the company, we have taken published financial statements and other relevant data from market sources that are authorized and authentic in nature.

auto spare parts business plan in pakistan halal food

For relevant industry data, reports from reputable research houses and authorities are selected that will be enclosed with annexure and appendices. Data Representation Representation of data would be through demonstrated techniques for decision making such as: Along with numbers there would be grids for SWOT and other qualitative factors.

Also comments on the strength and weaknesses of the techniques mentioned, the impact of the decision-makers attitude to risk on the decision making process would form an overall part of representation.

Procedure for Answering Research Questions To develop a good understanding of knowledge required and techniques; available to enable managers to measure and manage business performance within the organization. The following procedures are to identify both financial and non-financial measures of performance that would be used to answer our research questions.

Revenue Centres Risk factors We will be using financial ratios analysis at a very limited scale for the fact that this report is focused on the business analysis in concern to Improvement in cost measures mainly, and thus a full scale ratio analysis is not done.

General Description of Data The revenue generation comes from mainly the two categories of business units namely manufacturing and trading under that there are the three main business units running in the Indus motor company, that is the CKD Completely knockdown unitsCBU Completely Built Units and last but not least the Auto spare parts business.

Corolla leads the small-high segment of the market, while Honda City the second, followed by Honda Civic and Suzuki Liana. The yearly pattern of the Small-High segment signifies the higher demand of Corolla in the Pakistan market than any other cars available including the imported cars.

The main business of the IMC comes from this single business segment serving as market leader since last five years. The main push for the small-high segment started from the 2nd quarter of FY09, where IMC and Honda played the key role in reviving the growth with their high quality products.

The industry still needs much attention from the government, although one of the other driving factors was the imposition of import duty on used cars that reduced the incoming competition.Buyer Of Agriculture Choppers, Shredders & Cutters Agriculture Sheller Agriculture Sprayers Grains & Cereals Agriculture Grinders, Multures Irrigation Machinery, Equipments & Spare Parts Agriculture Harvesters Food Processing Machinery Agriculture Threshers Farm Machinery & Equipments.

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