An overview threats and crimes of the isis

By throwing them into jail for allegedly "supporting terrorism. He appears to be the bravest MP who has exposed ISIS activities across Turkey during his tenure and has often urged the ruling Justice and Development Party AKP government to stop these activities and bring the perpetrators to account.

An overview threats and crimes of the isis

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June 21, 8: Their intent soon became clear in slave markets ISIS set up in Mosul and elsewhere, where they sold the women and girls to their fighters into sexual or domestic slavery.

Women also reported that ISIS members took their children from them, physically abused their children, and forced the women and girls to pray or take Islamic names.

The report says that separating men and women, inflicting mental trauma, taking children away from their families and forced conversions, are among methods intended to destroy Yezidis as a people.

There has been considerable attention to the plight of Yezidi women in the media, but little discussion on how to provide justice for these terrible crimes.

Iraq, like Syria, is not a party to the Rome Statute, which set up the court.

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told Human Rights Watch in March that Iraq has no plans to join the court—out of apparent concern that the court would also be able to examine grave abuses by government security forces. Yezidi victims of human rights abuses have a right to justice, not just government declarations with no consequences.

In fact, the government says it has captured scores of ISIS fighters since the start of its Fallujah offensive. Similarly, in Baghdad, Judge Abd al-Sattar Bir Qadar, spokesperson for the judiciary, told Human Rights Watch in March that there have been no judicial investigations against captured ISIS members for war crimes or crimes against humanity The only exception has been a patently unfair trial s, in July and Februaryeach lasting all of two hours, that convicted 24 men for the mass killing a year earlier of up to 1, Shia military cadets.

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Iraq should incorporate war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide into its penal code and start investigations into credible allegations of abuses by ISIS. Iraqi authorities should also hold their own forces to account for their serious crimes.

Iraq should also join the ICC, as membership could provide an impetus for Iraq to ensure accountability for the worst crimes by all sides. The US should press Iraqi authorities to make that a priority. They should urge Iraq to pursue impartial investigations of serious crimes by all sides, and offer Iraq technical assistance and judicial cooperation.

Judicial authorities in Baghdad and Erbil told Human Rights Watch that there have been no exchanges of information in either direction with European countries that that have suspected ISIS fighters in custody.

Letting grave crimes against Yezidis and others go unpunished is a stain not only on the Iraqi government, but on all countries that have vowed to protect groups like the Yezidis against threats of extermination and that have committed themselves to supporting justice for grave abuses whenever and wherever they occur.

An overview threats and crimes of the isis

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.Jul 02,  · The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting .

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Though al-Baghdadi had threatened the U.S. in general before, ISIS primarily focused its attention on its regional .

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Cyber Terrorism: How Dangerous is the ISIS Cyber Caliphate Threat? Industry experts disagree on whether the Islamic State’s ability to mount a dangerous cyberattack is a top concern or an. Sep 16,  · Experts estimate that the Iraqi oil fields under ISIS control may produce 25, to 40, barrels of oil a day — worth a minimum of $ million in the underground market.

The latest victim of this crackdown is Eren Erdem, a former deputy of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), who is known for his activities to expose the crimes of ISIS and other.

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